The Harvard Medical School EM Facility is a fee-for-service core facility open to the HMS community as well as external users. The Facility provides services and supervision in Biological Electron Microscopy. To start a new project or to set up a training session please e-mail one of our staff members. 

NEW USER FORM: Please fill out and submit this form before using the EM Facility: http://ecommons.med.harvard.edu/pub_forms.asp?sid=HMS_3217

To sign up for microscope e-mail us to get the username and password for the sign-up calendar. To book time click one of the links below, log in and sign up with your name and phone number.  We will charge you for the time scheduled on the sign-up calendar, unless the filament time used is greater than the time signed up.

Microscope sign up:

JEOL 1200EX - 80kV
Tecnai G² Spirit BioTWIN
Hitachi S-4700 FESEM